According to my interest and expertise, I offer my knowledge for strategic cybersecurity projects for both public and private organizations in policy and decision making. I can also be hired to support product management teams developing cybersecurity products. 


As many companies and other organizations are seeking for a good speaker who can talk about current cybersecurity trends and issues on their conferences to raise awareness, I accept such invitations. As a thumb rule, this service is only free for public bodies or if I do it for the community. 


Sharing our thoughts with other experts is always valuable. Round tables are great for that, but they require good panelists and an experienced moderator. I'm interested in both roles. This service is free for public bodies and only travel expenses should be covered if I get the invitation from abroad. 


Cyber incidents are happening on a daily base and they need to be commented. As a cybersecurity go-to expert, I'm in a 7/24 readiness to help the media. In this service offering, I help company PR to find the most suitable messages in cybersecurity.